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HSIN HUNG CHAN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. belongs automation components of electrical and electronic products, traders, customers need to provide the products at home and abroad, but also the introduction of foreign advanced technology to help customers.
Planning systems, consulting, technical support and overcome the problem, rather than simply.
The trading industry, and automation is the trend of the world, requires a combination of electronic, electrical, capital.
Telecommunications, network, mechanical ...... so the field, using the most advanced technology to reach customers' needs, and in order to increase customer demand, but also affiliated to import upholstery industry to follow up the World.
Industry trends make higher quality of life, such as smart residential, carbon reduction, solar ...... and so on, you can one-stop shopping for customers to find to other commodities, in addition, the Company faces business diversification, industrial diversification, system integration.

Combined program, commodity diversification objectives to develop, to provide customers with the best service.